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Government Sales Assessments and Strategies


Every company wants to be successful in the government marketplace.† But to do that, you need a comprehensive government sales strategy.† Is your company in a position to sell successfully to the government?† Should you offer services as a prime contractor, subcontractor, through a GSA schedule, or a combination of all three?† Many companies waste thousands of dollars using the wrong approaches and techniques, before figuring out the right government sales strategy for their company.



Marketing Collateral

  Just like any other customer, government contracting officers and proposal reviewers are likely to research your company on the internet.† If you canít provide a professionally designed website or portfolio of capabilities, chances are you may get written off as an immature company.


The 8(a) STARS II Proposal Response Kit

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Federal Government Sales Business Plan

We have developed a unique Federal Government Sales Business Plan that develops each critical element your company needs to be successful in the federal marketplace. Our base plan is over 50 pages in length and once completed will give you a step-by-step approach to developing your best path winning your first contract or increasing your total contract sales.

We customize each plan based on your company's service offering, strengths, and target market within the government. Proposal Dynamics can ensure you are on the right path for success by focusing your time and resources.


Client Success

- 8(a) STARS II GWAC: 28 clients supported with winning proposal content during original 8(a) STARS II contract submission period.

- Navy Seaport-e: Multiple master contract wins.

- GSA Schedules: Multiple master contract wins for multiple schedules and SINs.


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